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    **Slick 50 Nationals** - Semi-finals

    Houston, TX - March 20-23, 1997

Qualified #16, with a time of 5.853 seconds, Wilson shook the tires in the first round, but took the win when Bobby Taylor jumped out too soon and got the "red light". In the second round, Wilson beat Russ Conroy with an almost perfect reaction time of .409 and a time of 5.76. Now in the quarterfinals, Wilson lost to Jay Payne. Team Serv-Tech's hometown of Houston, Texas cheered their teams' efforts and enjoyed the show!

**Western Auto Nationals** - Second Round

Topeka, KS - May 29 - June 1, 1997 

Qualified # 4 with a time of 5.652 seconds, Wilson beat David Wells in the first round with a time of 6.09, then lost in the second round to
Jay Payne, 6.71 to Payne's 5.63. 

**Sears Craftsman Nationals** - FINAL ROUND RUNNER-UP

Madison, IL - June 26-29, 1997 

Qualified #11. The inaugural event at the team's hometown raceway, Gateway International, was better yet. First round, Wilson is paired with Bill Reichert. Reichert had problems with his car and the win went to Wilson with a 6.46. Next round, Wilson defeated Bill Hynes, but not without some trouble. Both cars had tire shake, but Wilson was able to drive through it to win the round with a 6.65 time. With identical times of 5.672, Wilson beat Randy Parks in the third round on the lights. Reaction times were .436 and .471 respectively. Then, in the final round, Wilson was up against Darrell Russell. Losing to Russell was a dissapointment, but being in the final round was a "first" for the team. They left the track smiling! 

**U.S. Nationals**

Indianapolis, IN - August 27-Sept 1, 1997 

Not qualified. With consistently good runs, and a strong effort of 5.67 E.T. in the final qualifying round, Wilson was still unable to qualify in this record setting field of cars. This was the quickest field in the history of the U.S. Nationals. The team was disappointed at not qualifying here, but remain optimistic about the remainder of the racing season. 

**Sears Craftsman Nationals** - Semifinals 

Topeka, KS - September 25-28, 1997 

Qualifying #8, Wilson took on Melanie Troxel for the win in the first round. Next up was Ken Zeal, the Number 1 qualifier for this race. With the cooler weather conditions working in his favor, Wilson won when Zeal shook the tires. The third round against Michael Gunderson was a very close race, with both drivers clocking a 5.65 run. However, Wilson's reaction time was a little too quick, causing him to "red light". The car is running great, so Wilson will now be heading to Memphis Motorsports Park. 

**Pennzoil Nationals** - Second Round

Qualified #4. The last race of the season, and they were off to a good start. In the number 4 position, Wilson was up against the #13 car, Mike Koske. A win in that round led to a match-up with Bob McCosh. It was a great race, but Bob was out in front just a bit - enough to take the win. It's over for this season, but watch for this team to be back next year!! 

Final Result - Placed THIRD in Division 3 for 1997

**Division 3 Event** - Beech Bend Raceway - Winston Top Qualifier

Bowling Green, KY - August 22-24, 1997 

Qualified #1 with E.T. of 5.62. First round against Mike Miller, Wilson was slow off of the line, but came from behind for the win. Then in the second round, Bob McCosh was there for the win when Wilson jumped out too soon and took the "red light". Event winner was Bill Reichert. 

**Division 3 Event** - Edgewater Sports Park - FINAL ROUND EVENT WINNER!! 

Cleves, OH - August 8-10, 1997 

Another great weekend for this team!! Qualifying first with low E.T. and top speed for the weekend, Wilson went all the way defeating Marty Thacker, Don Devault and Bill Reichert for the win. Wilson's fast time was 5.666 seconds. 

**Division 3 Event** - US 131 Dragway - FINAL ROUND RUNNER-UP

Martin, MI - July 25-26, 1997 

Qualifying #1 for the first time in his career with a time of 5.76, Wilson was able to defeat his first two opponents. Moving into the final round, having difficulties with the race car, Wilson was unable to defeat Don Devault, who won the race. Back to the shop with the car, but look for this team again August 8 in Cleves, OH ! 

**Division 3 Event** - Great Lakes Dragaway - FINAL ROUND EVENT WINNER!!

Union Grove, WI - July 5, 1997 

The following weekend, the team headed to Union Grove Dragaway for the completion of the previously postponed Division 3 event.  Entering the event in the #2 qualifying spot, Team Serv-Tech showed much improvement in consistency and performance. The team stolethe show by beating Randy Parks in the final round with a pass of 5.61 seconds, which set a new track record and delighted the team and their supporters alike. 

**Division 3 Event** - Indianapolis Raceway Park - May 2-4, 1997 - Not qualified.

**Division 4 Event** - Memphis Motorsports Park - June 20-22, 1997 - First Round

Qualified #7. Defeated first round by Bill Ancona. 

**Division 5 Event** - Heartland Park Topeka - April 25-27, 1997 - Not qualified.